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My name is Kay and I love to help.

And I love coffee.

My parents are small business owners.  They’ve worked seventy hour weeks for the last three decades in an industry that has become extremely competitive. They have spent countless thousands of dollars in graphic and web design before I stepped in to help.  I strive to protect small business owners from being overcharged for design services.  My goal at heart is not to make the most money, rather my motto is to provide top notch services for a fair price. 

In my research, I have found many business owners resort to large marketing firms that charge monthly fees over $200 to create and maintain a website.  Generally, you do majority of the work and they use a generic style that is void of your and your business' personality. Furthermore, they do not revisit your site to maintain and improve your search engine rankings and edit to fit the needs of your business without charging you extremely high fees. 


Thankfully, I am not a large marketing firm. 

I take time to learn you, your business, and your preferences.  I take time to personalize your website to your needs and your client base.  I charge you for the work I do and nothing more.  


My children are the main reason I work the way I do.  I work from home and I do not have to overcharge you to make rent or pay electricity on a space.  Instead I visit you at your work or we chat online.  For me, understanding your business and who you are is integral in making the website and design project. 


My dedication to small businesses and providing quality work can be seen in the work I have already completed.  See my client list and browse through their websites.  I can help with many different facets of your business - from web design to social media campaigns. Feel free to ask!

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